5″ Low Profile Foam Pads 3 Pack


5″ Low Profile Foam Pads 3 Pack


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MaxShine Low Profile Pads are designed to give you the same cut, polish, and finish as the High Profile Pads but at a cost effect price. The pads have a thickness of 20mm compared to the standard 30mm. These pads can be used with Rotary Polishers and DA Polishers. Although the Low Profile Pads are thinner they are still made with the same high quality foam which we use in our other Foam Pads.

MaxShine Low Profile Pads will give you the results you are looking for. The cutting pads will remove heavy contamination with ease whilst the Polishing Pads will remove Haze, Marring and Light Defects. Finally to achieve gloss the Finishing Pad would be the go to, it would be ideal for refinement or applying your favourite glaze.

  • Size: 130mm
  • Machine Washable
  • Long Lasting Durable Foam
  • For Use With Rotary & DA Polishers
  • Refines Paintwork & Removes Swirls
  • Works with a 5″ Backing Plate


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