Cool Wool Pad 3″

Cool Wool Pad 3″


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Developed from a pure New Zealand wool/microfiber woven material backed up with a backing pad which serves as a cooling interface between the surface and the machine
A highly resilient, integrated air-cooling 3D structure acts as a breathing layer and combines pressure relief, thermoregulation, and moisture management in one high tech composed, the finished product
The functional layer of air space results in multiple benefits and ultimate polishing results
Time saved due to fast cut and high performance even on delicate surfaces

MaxShine’s cool wool pad is designed for use with a DA polisher and a Rotary polisher. It is combined with unique lambswool and microfibre together in order to provide the most effective results for paint correction

  • Used with DA & Rotary Polishers
  • Reduced temperatures
  • Wool & Microfibre Hybrid Design
  • Machine Washable
  • High Adhesive Velcro
  • To be used with a 3″ (75mm) Backing Plate


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