ESS Combo Pack

ESS Combo Pack


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The MaxShine Ever So Soft brushes were designed to remove dust, dirt and debris from elegant surfaces, without putting in the finest of scratches. This brush is safe to use on the soft car paint to hard car paint and any part of the interior to even remove dust in the air vents. The brush is excellent for removing dirt and grime in car badges/emblems due to it being chemical resistant whilst still being soft on the paint work, it is also easy to hold because of its rubber handle unlike the plastic handles

  • Comes with a high quality rubber handle
  • Perfect for badges, emblems and grills
  • Can be used on the interior such as air vents, control knobs and leather surfaces
  • Resists chemicals such as APC
  • Offers a valuable, safe and more comfortable solution when compared to industry competitors.
  • Sizes 230mm (23cm), 160mm (16cm)


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