MN01 Mini Polisher

MN01 Mini Polisher


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The MN01 was designed to reach the hardest areas possible, such as door handles, badges, emblems etc. It comes with all the attachments you would need to get your vehicle back to how it was when freshly painted. The MN01 is compatible with the M550 & M1000 Rotary Polishers.

Whats Included:
1. 3x φ1.5x1cm Red Finishing Pad
2. 3x φ2.6×1.2cm Red Finishing Pad
3. 3x φ1.5x1cm Green Polishing Pad
4. 3x φ2.6×1.2cm Green Polishing Pad
5. 3x φ1.5×0.5cm Felt Polishing Pad
6. 3x φ2.5cm Long Wool Pad
7. 3x Size:3×4.5cm Orange Polishing Pad
8. 3x Size:3x3cm Orange Polishing Pad
9. 1x φ1.5cm Backing Pad
10. 1x φ2.5cm Backing Pad
11. 1x Adaptor 5/8″
12. 1x Small Wrench
13. 1x Small Bag


Please Note: You would require a rotary polisher for the MN01 to connect to in order to use the mini polisher. Rotary polisher in the image is not included.


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