Orange Peel Pad Velvet 3000 Grit 5″

Orange Peel Pad Velvet 3000 Grit 5″


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Our Orange Peel Pads are deigned to remove the orange peel on your cars paint without needing to wet sand, generally wet sanding will leave a matt grey finish which after will need cutting then polishing, however with our Orange Peel Pads you can skip cutting the paint after and just polish after the orange peel removal, the pads will leave a high gloss finish ready for a final buff.

  • The Velvet pads use a roped corduroy velvet that is milder in action when compared to the Denim pads
  • This pad is design to reduce orange peel on factory/OEM (thin) paint systems
  • MaxShine’s Velvet Orange Peel Removal Pads enable you to create a perfectly smooth surface without having to resort to wet sanding- a particular that should only be performed by those who have honed their skills in a body shop environment


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